Z2 Zirconia Press Fit Cartridge

Zirconia Ceramic Cartridges are the High End Cartridges Don't Break Down and more strong Acid Resistance, 100% Lead free and Heavy Metal Free. It works well for THC Distiilate

 Z2 Zirconia Ceramic Cartridge For THC Distillate

Z2 Zirconia Cartridges Are High End Premium Cartridges and powered by our Medical Zirconia technology .

It is a break-through revolution of the materials that used in the market. 

Zirconia ceramic exhibits the same scratch resistance as Alumina ceramics, 

but zirconia has greater mechanical strength and fracture toughness

and material is highly resistant to extreme temperatures and pressures. 

Zirconia Cartridges Are Best Choice For Premium Extractor Brand Company.


Size: 10.5mm*55mm/65mm 

Capacity: 0.5ml / 1.0ml

Resistance: 1.4ohm

Heating Core: Ceramic Coil

Weight: 12g/15g


Our cartridges are made Medical Material and Insure High Quality and Stable Quality, Our Cartridge Filling 

Failure Rate Less 0.1% and No Clogging, No Burning Taste.


We are the Vapes Manufacturer, if you are Oil Extractors or Dispensaries Owners or Cartridge Wholesalers

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